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    • 1900 Physical Cabinet 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1878)
      Interior, eastern view of Physical Cabinet and bordered walls and ceiling within the Administration Buidling. Father William Rigge stands behind a showcase.
    • 1885-1902 Third Academic Classroom 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1878)
      Located in the Administration Building, first floor, southwest, this interior view looks toward the front of the third academic classroom with its blackboards and United States map. Desks line the room which has a decorative ...
    • 1878-1902 Academic Department Classroom 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1878)
      Located in the Administration Building, first floor, southwest, this interior view looking towards the back of an Academic Department classroom shows rows of desks and a decorative edged ceiling. The door leads to a second ...
    • 1878-1891 University Hall 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1878)
      Interior view of University Hall looking towards the ornate stage with its backdrop and a group of suited young men in front. This hall was located on the top floor of the Administration Building.
    • 1878-1891 Vocal Class in University Hall 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1878)
      Interior view looking east at a vocal class in University Hall which was located on the fourth floor of the Administration Building.
    • 1882 St. Joseph's Hospital with Count John A. Creighton at gate 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1882)
      Exterior view of the front St. Joseph's Hospital with Count John A. Creighton at the gate.
    • 1884 Chemical Lecture Room and Laboratory 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1884)
      Interior view looking towards the front of the lecture room and chemical laboratory which was a separate building erected 1884 and removed in 1901. It stood on the northwest corner of the college and west of the original ...
    • 1885 Library, Faculty 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1885)
      Room within Creighton University's original building holding the earliest library. The interior view shows signage above bookcases which hold leatherbound books. Taxidermies of one deer head with antlers and one steer ...
    • 1888 St. John's Church 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1887)
      Exterior view of front and east sides of St. John's Church.
    • 1889 Creighton University Main Entrance 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1889)
      An interior view from the old main entrance with central feature being a scuplture of The Madonna and Child set within a decorative and ornate alcove. A decorative border runs the lower length of the walls.
    • 1889 University Grounds 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1889)
      Exterior view of the University grounds looking east in which "Creighton University" is spelled out by colored leaved plants.
    • 1890-1910 St. John's Church, Interior 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1890)
      Interior view of St. John's Church looking towards the altar with its painted ceiling overhead. There is a shrine on either side of the altar and statues include Christ and Madonna. Stations of the Cross are by the ...
    • 1890-1910 St. Joseph's Hospital, Entrance 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1890)
      Arched entrance to St. Joseph's Hospital with a statue of St. Joseph overhead and architectural ornamentation and detail in triangle framing the arch.
    • 1890 St. Joseph's Hospital 

      Bostwick, Louis R. (Louis R. Bostwick?. 1890)
      Exterior view of St. Joseph's Hospital showing architectural elements such as its brickwork, bay window, and towers.
    • 1891 Library, College Students' 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1891)
      Interior, southwest view of College Students' Library located in the Administration Building, first floor, northwest. Bookcases with glass doors holding leather bound books line the walls. A long wooden table with chairs ...
    • 1891 First Creighton Graduating Class 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1891)
      First class graduated from Creighton College. Back row, left to right: Michael P. O'Conner and Francis J. Ottis. Front row, left to right: Patrick A. McGovern, William P. Flynn, and James C. Kinsler with honor medal on ...
    • 1893 Observatory and Transit Room 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1893)
      Exterior view of domed Astronomical Observatory and Transit Room with instruments on the roof. The round building was completed in 1886 and square addition in 1887. Both are made of bricks.
    • 1893 First Creighton Football Team 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1893)
      Group photograph of first Creighton football team in uniform. Seated left to right with team position and year of graduation, front row: William J. Leahy, left end, 1893; Captain H. Arthur Houser, quarterback, 1895; Ed ...
    • 1897 Creighton Graduating Class of 1897 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1897)
      Creighton graduating class of 1897. Back row, left to right: Dr. Louis Bushman, Dr. Peter Gillespie, Frank McGinn, Joseph Donnelly, John H. Lamb, Eddie Welch, Ted Leary. Front row, left to right: Michael Hart, Charles ...
    • 1897 Equatorial Telescope 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1897)
      Equatorial telescope used in the Observatory.