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This is a collection of Spirituality Talks (video & audio) presented at Creighton University and collected by the staff of the Collaborative Ministries Office.

The Collaborative Ministry Office exists to provide spiritual formation opportunities that strengthen personal and communal growth. Its activities are consistent with the mission of Creighton University to orient and educate the Creighton faculty and staff about the centrality of the Christian, Jesuit mission of the University that includes Ignatian spirituality.

Recent Submissions

  • Spirituality Plus: Advent Reflection 

    Clifton, Fr. Jim S.J. (Creighton University. 2012)
    Fr. Jim Clifton, S.J. Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Mission and Identity Fr. Jim Clifton has been part of Creighton's Jesuit Community since 1992. Since August, 2012, he has served as Associate VP for ...
  • The Season of Waiting: Our God - Waiting for Us 

    Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2014)
    A few days before Advent begins, Maureen McCann Waldron, Collaborative Ministry Office, will offer a surprising image of Advent that goes beyond our waiting and reveals a God who is enough to feel the great gift of our ...
  • Spirit Plus: Advent & Mercy 

    Hoover, Amy (Creighton University. 2015)
    Pope Francis has declared a "Year of Mercy" beginning December 8. Amy Hoover, the director of the Creighton Retreat Center helped us reflect on mercy in the context of the beginning of Advent. Each of us can prepare for ...
  • Author Jane Knuth At Creighton University 

    Knuth, Jane (Creighton University. 2001)
    Creighton University Collaborative Ministry invited author Jane Knuth to talk about her book "Thrift Store Saints: Meeting Jesus 25 Cents at a Time". Her book and talk were full of stories about her experiences working at ...
  • Advent Audio Reflections 

    Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2000)
    One to two minute audio reflections: God's coming to us in our poverty, Patient Fidelity, Preparing for a lonely or difficult Christmas?, Have I missed Advent?, and A Reflection on the Manger's Meaning
  • Advent Parish Mission 

    Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2011)
    This Parish Mission was given at St. Francis Xavier Parish, a Jesuit parish in Phoenix, Arizona, November 20-23, 2011. Andy Alexander, S.J. and Maureen Waldron gave the Mission. Andy gave the homily at each of the Sunday ...
  • Pre-Praying with Advent 

    Gillick, Fr. Larry S.J.; Carlson, Fr. Gregory S.J. (Creighton University. 2012)
    Fr. Larry Gillick, S.J. & Fr. Greg Carlson, S.J. on pre-praying with Advent
  • Seeking God When We Seem Lost in Grief 

    Vail, Mary Ann (Creighton University. 2006)
    Suggestions, support and resources for a faith-based approach to grief and loss: The Grief Process, Sharing the sorrow, Anger and confusion in faith in grief, Reaching out to others, Resources for support. The death of her ...
  • Spirituality Plus: A Lenten Presentation at Creighton University 

    Heaney, Robert P. (Creighton University. 2008)
    Lent: What's it for? How does it work? It is about who we are. Audio and text of Presentation at Creighton by Dr. Bob Heaney, M.D.
  • Lenten Audio Conversations 

    Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2000)
    The audio files to the right are conversations about Lent. For people who have appreciated the other audio files on this site, we decided to record our discussions about each week of Lent. It is an easy way to simply listen ...
  • A Parish Retreat on the Spiriturality of Pope Francis 

    Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2013)
    In preparing the three nights of the retreat, it became clear to us how much of Pope Francis' message is shaped by the Gospel and the movements of the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius. His message has been as challenging ...
  • A Meaningful Advent 

    Gillick, Fr. Larry S.J. (Creighton University. 2000)
    Creighton University's Father Larry Gillick, SJ, talks about ways to have a meaningful Christmas season.
  • A Deeper Lent: A Time for Healing and Hope Part 1 

    Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2011)
    A presentation for Lent with Father Andy Alexander, SJ and Maureen McCann Waldron of Creighton University's Collaborative Ministry. Recorded March 27, 2011 at St Wenceslaus in Omaha, Nebraska as part of their Mission program.
  • "Seeking Something More": A Nicaraguan Immersion Experience 

    Latta, Mark; Danielson, Mary Ann; O'Meara-McKinney, Colette (Creighton University. 2013)
    Three Creighton members of Cohort #6 of the Ignatian Colleagues Program travelled to Nicaragua, as part of the immersion experience required by that program,|They returned surprised, moved by the people they met and by ...
  • Historical Patterns in the American Immigration Debate 

    Fryer, Heather (Creighton University. 2013)
    Heather Fryer uses her gifts as an historian to reveal some surprising patterns in the immigration story in the U.S. Understanding our history can help us understand the forces within us all which tend to resist “aliens” ...
  • Student Stories: Fall Service Break Trips 2015 

    Schlegel Center for Service and Justice (Creighton University. 2015)
    On November 3, 2015 Creighton Students shared their stories from their Fall Break Service Trips with faculty and staff.|These nine students were among 140 students who went to 30 sites across the country.|The video of their ...
  • Ahead of Their Time: The Story of the Omaha DePorres Club 

    Holland, Matt (Creighton University. 2015)
    Matt Holland's presentation on The DePorres Club was an interracial group of young people who used non-violent methods to confront and change discriminatory policies in stores, factories and businesses who refused to serve ...
  • Faculty Conversations: Eloquence in Jesuit Education 

    Birkholt, Marty; Hanna, Fred; Prenosil, Joshua; Stefaniak, Mary Helen; Zuegner, Carol; Ash, Carol (Creighton University. 2013)
    Eloquentia Perfecta, Using the Available Means of Persuasion: Writing, Music, Speech, Dance, Film, Core Curriculum Issues, Branding & Marketing|Six members of a delegation from Creighton recently attended a Heartland-Delta ...
  • Pacem in Terris at 50: Catholics and Human Rights in the 21st Century 

    Hollenbach, David, S.J. (Creighton University. 2013)
    The 20th Annual Markoe-DePorres Social Justice Lecture by David Hollenbach, S.J.. |Given at Creighton University on November 14, 2013|David Hollenbach, S.J., is the University Chair in Human Rights & International Justice ...
  • Whispers From the Streets 

    Torres-Botello, Damian, n.S.J.; Lillig, Jeremy M. (Creighton University. 2014)
    Whispers From the Streets: A short play written by Damian Torres-Botello, nSJ, & Jeremy M. Lillig. Presented by the Collaborative Ministry Office and CCSJ.|A culmination of a year long research project with subsequent ...

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